bye scooter

Akoranga Drive at 9am this morning, I occupied the transit lane, and in addition to all of the various things we all think about while walking, sitting or driving, I was trying to persuade myself that i was a legal occupant of the aforementioned transit lane.  I glanced periodically to the side of the road to spot a sign which could settle the issue. 

After one of these glances, I saw the car in front of me stopped, waiting to turn (fully) left into AUT.  The street was wet from rain during the night (thus making my glances and inattention to the car ahead of me all the more dangerous!), and I was unable to stop or swerve, so slid into the back of the car.  The driver of the car (who I assured immediately that it was my fault), the AUT security staff and the AUT nurse were immensely friendly and helpful.

Damage to scooter, which I trust will be written off:

  • entire handle-bar structure was bent backward and twisted
  • front plastic housing splintered, etc.

Damage to helmet, who will be replaced with a proper one:

  • none (a small scratch)

Damage to laptop, which is being used presently:

  • the tiniest of cracks at top-right of screen casing (I’ve seen no hint of any other effect)

Damage to yours truly, who will be quite sore for a few days:

  • left shoe-lace compromised (causing me to purchase new trendy shoes this morning, as the laces were all that were holding those shoes together)
  • right toes impacted (and sore, but not broken)
  • right knee bears a mark (leaving slit in pant leg)
  • right hip branded with two marks corresponding more than accidentally with the rivets on the hip of my jeans
  • left shin scraped enough to draw blood but only need light dressing (leaving my left pant leg undisturbed!?)
  • right shoulder very, very deeply bruised (leaving me whinging, and no going to be much help this weekend when we move to Hillcrest!)

Yes, I’ve not only spotted a new scooter, but am hoping to pick it up tomorrow – as well as a proper closed-front helmet (which I thankfully didn’t need today), and a proper riding jacket.