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god is like…

Jonathan is so correct in saying that all language about God must be metaphorical.  We must compare God, who we’ve not seen, with things from our experience, which we have seen.

Metaphor is kind of a distant cousin of the via negativa (or negative or ‘apophatic‘ theology), which is concerned with knowing about God by ruling out what God must not be like (God is not that tree… not visible, not finite/limited, not knowable/effable, not temporal, etc., etc.).

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We just picked up a used lamp and an extension cord for Di to have light on her side to read in bed J

While Thomas (17months old) watched, I got a kitchen knife (as you do) and cut out a slot in the end of the extension cord so the plug would fit in all the way.

I led Thomas back into the living room and kitchen area as I took the knife back to the kitchen. Walking behind my son with a knife brought a biblical story to mind. You know the one…