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omniscience: terrific & terrifying

I love movies that are realistic.  Portraying life like it is – whether it is pleasant or not.  “Seven” strikes me as such a movie, though it’s been years since I’ve seen it.  One striking example is the ‘sloth’ character.  That apartment is pure filth – stuff everywhere and chaos and ruin.

I was thinking about what it must be like for God to know everything.  Naturally (pun intended), we cannot imagine what it would be like.  The one thing I was considering, however, was that omniscience isn’t mere knowledge of any/all ‘facts’.  It’s a more holistic kind of knowledge that qualitatively sees ‘value’ or the lack of it.

It must be amazing, breathtaking, funny, sad and angering to ‘see’ literally everything – every motivation behind every thought or deed.  Being able to see past our clever cloaking devices that attempt to fool others and ourselves…  Radiant and wretched human nature.

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Humans don’t ‘know’ everything – and that is true for even the person with the most inclusive epistemic position.