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atahualpa2 theme

I’m absolutely loving the Atahualpa theme by bytesforall.

It’s features include: rotating header images, customizable logo, a diverse options page and great plug-in support…

I’m especially loving the ease with which the options page allows me to manipulate various options for the look/feel.

I can’t believe it’s free… Go open-source technology.

I’m going to try and make some decent-looking headers (Rhett expressed his heartfelt appreciation of my header over at my blog), and take full advantage of the rotating headers option.

UPDATE: Headers up now – feedback?  (yes, I’m compliment-begging!)

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doco screening at my church

I’m happy to announce that my church is hosting a screening of:

If you’re in the area and are interested, we’re starting promptly at 7pm and will have a 30(ish) minute discussion afterwards – and probably tea/coffee/bikkies… :)


oh baby…

Now that we’re out of the 12-week ‘danger zone’, I can (happily) share that my wife and I (well, really just her!) are expecting a baby in late Jan / early Feb!!!

The little guy (we actually don’t know the gender – and might not choose to find out before birth – but I’m going with ‘boy’ all the way!) is about 5cm at this stage… :)

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investigating modern miracles

An interesting person is gaining popularity at the moment. His name is Todd Bentley.

A Google or YouTube search (which I’ve not had time to do) should provide very ‘interesting’ material.

Apparently, 25 (or so) people have been ‘raised from the dead’…

A few thoughts:

  1. If this stuff is really happening, then for Bentley’s sake (not to mention God’s) get it on tape!
  2. Don’t complain when people like me want evidence that people really had cancer or were really dead (the biblical story of Lazarus being raised includes the detail that he was beginning to stink – that’s dead).
  3. Don’t complain when I remain hesitant to accept these reports if no evidence is given.
  4. I hear of ALL KINDS of such things happening all over the world, and I’m prepared to believe that it’s not ALL nonsense; but for crying out loud, somebody do some investigation! Wouldn’t it be great to have it!?

in states for sister’s wedding

Have a nice few weeks of reading my blog for hours each day…  (I’m sure you will)…  :)

I likely won’t be accessing it much while my wife and I are back ‘home’ in the states for my sister’s wedding.

Chat later! (we get back June 3)



age of consent?

The video (around 8 minutes) on this page is very thought-provoking. A 19 year-old male had a (consentual) sexual relationship with his 15 year-old girlfriend, and was convicted for statutory rape, including on-going public identification as a sex-offender.

This scenario re-raises not only the question of sexual ethics (How old should a person be to have sex?), but also raises the question of what our laws are based on, etc.

Very interesting indeed (…and before Christians give too ‘conservative’ an answer, let me say that many people think that Mary was possibly as young as 14 when she was found to be pregnant with Jesus…)…

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cosmology and the soul

Guy Consolmagno SJ has posted his fourth and final article for Thinking Faith.

This one I thoroughly enjoyed.  Not only does his faith come through clearly, but his love and passion for science is a delight.

In this article, he explores current thoughts as to where our universe might be headed, and specifically how it might ‘end’.  He ends with a consideration of the Christian idea of life after death, by way of the soul-as-software metaphor.

If you love thinking about cosmology and religion, you’ll love this article…

I’m a little mad at him, though; because now I’m going to HAVE to purchase his book: “God’s Mechanics: How Scientists and Engineers Make Sense of Religion”, and I’ve got enough books to read at the moment!

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good question

I’ve enjoyed the few articles I’ve skimmed at this blog called “Just Thomism”.

(Thomism designates the study of the life and work of St. Thomas Aquinas)

I found this post having to do with atheism, theism, evolution and science(s) of particular interest.

Here’s a quote…

It is mere historical chance that popular theism did not end up insisting that God could only exist in an evolutionary world, where all matter had been developing to the point where man could emerge at last- At last! man! prepared for by all the ages! Who all creation leads up to, just as it says in the book of Genesis!

This is one of many interesting philosophical reflections (and certainly not necessarily the best) in basically each and every post. We often don’t think about how we think; observe how we observe; ponder how we ponder; distinguish how we distinguish; wonder how we wonder; know how we know; ‘etc.’ how we ‘etc.’


Happy browsing… (and thinking)

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is anything significant?

This question (‘Is anything significant?’) can be fleshed out a bit…

We could ask, “Is everything equally in-significant?”, or we could ask, “Is everything equally highly-significant?”

What makes something (an event or object [which can quite rightly be said to be ‘events’ in themselves]) significant, and another thing not so?

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baptised in the hip-ness…

By the way, this is NOT me… :)  And they’re (hopefully) kidding…