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I being the good, wise, delegating father I am, let Thomas hold the hose as I… ahem… we… filled up his 3-ring circus… err… pool.  Suffice to say the stream of water did not stay aimed within the pool borders during the entire filling procedure.  But he’ll learn.

God, being the good, wise, delegating Father He is, lets us play with notions of justice, creativity, government & love.  Suffice to say we don’t do it perfectly.  But we learn.

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A few things I’m up to at the moment:

  • One year to go at Carey toward having these letters after my name: BappTheol (Bachelor in Applied Theology) & DipPL (Diploma of Pastoral Leadership).
  • This summer (as part of the DipPL programme), I get to do an actual summer placement at Ponsonby Baptist, and am really looking forward to learning from the experience.
  • Thomas is saying various fun words, like ‘bwek-faas!’ (which we hope means ‘breakfast’) and ‘s***’ (which we think means ‘Shrek’).
  • Because a) I’m a little over atheism/theism threads, and b) never wanted my blog to be an ‘apologetics’ one, I’d like my criticism of atheism to be implicit rather than explicit.
  • That band I’m in, Great North, is releasing our 9-track album (glowing review by Graham Reid here) at a must-attend shin-gig at the Wine Cellar this Friday night or on our bandcamp page, and has a 3-day north island tour (welly, hammy, aucks) from Dec 9-11.
  • Because you cannot stop me, I’m going to do a 12-track album called “Good Old Church Songs” – all hymns – this summer and I’m looking forward to seeing how it sounds.