busy-ish again

  • In addition to ‘normal’ things happening…
  • Had first day of classes for Intro to Counselling (Phil Halstead) and Insights into Church History (Laurie Guy) at Carey today.  They both look to be fantastic courses.  Random thoughts about both: The counselling class had me reminded again just how ‘objective’/’real’ the various ‘subjective’ human problems can be; The church history class discussed Martin Luther in his context, reminding me yet again that an informed historical awareness makes our critiques (of both medevial Catholicism and Luther himself) all the more balanced/helpful.
  • Registrations ticking over for ‘Faithful Science‘  (August 1st).  Looking forward to it!
  • Giving morning talk/devotion at TEARFund Advocate Conference the next day (Aug 2nd).
  • We’re moving to Glenfield (cheaper and more ‘our-fam-at-this-stage-friendly’ place) THIS Saturday!
  • I must also make sure that our 7 month old, Thomas, has his cubby/cute cheeks thoroughly kissed multiple times each day!
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teleology & ethics

The word ‘teleology’ (from Greek τελος ‘telos’ – meaning ‘goal’, ‘end’, ‘purpose’ or ‘that toward which things tend’) is not a street-level term.  However, the concept of a purpose, goal, function or ‘end’ to things most certainly is.  It’s a common as anything.  Teleology is blindingly relevant.

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everything is amazing – nobody is happy

Friggin’ hilarious…  and a bit true as well :)


my face (in general) & my nose (in particular)

So, I got a call from a friend and we had arranged for he and his wife to come over within the next half-hour…

I remembered that I still had to take the compost stuff out and dig a hole and bury it…

I raced to the living room (where my shoes were – right next to the doorway)…

I put them on quickly…

My mind was already outside, digging the hole with the compost bucket on the ground next to me…

Unfortunately, my body was still upstairs and quickly turning to go through the doorway…

…the same doorway which consequently (out of nowhere) collided with (here’s the post title) my face (in general) and my nose (in particular)…

…it left a small mark.


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the story of stuff

watch it here (worth all 20 minutes of your time).

Note: The scope of this thing is so huge, please don’t fault it for making sweeping statements – to cover what it does in 20 minutes, it has to make its statements as general as possible.


what all did you do today?


Last week we looked at an analogy between churches and hospitals. Makes sense enough, right? Well, there is one thing that will KILL our ability to turn our churches into ‘hospitals of grace’…

Being busy.

Want to know one force that NOBODY has ever been able to stop or even slow down??? The force of time. It just keeps on going. That’s why it is so precious!!! Many, many attempts are made at helping us ‘make the most’ of our time. The race is on to see how much ‘stuff’ we can get done in the least amount of time.

Much more could be said, but suffice it to say that our busy lives are killing us. We are tired, worn out and lethargic. This has a lethal effect on our ministry. We show up for ‘church’ once and twice a week, and wonder why it often seems so meaningless, so irrelevant, so…. dead.

We need to make more time for church in our lives. No, not more of what we do on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights (or whenever), but time for the growing of relationships. Ironically, the church ‘building’ isn’t usually the best place for ‘church-building’.

(that sentence might deserve a re-read)

Please, I beg you, take a look at your schedule. Write it all out if you need to. Cut out the bad stuff, cut out some good stuff, then leave time open for the best stuff. STOP patting people (or yourself) on the back for being busy! It’s cancer to individuals and the church!!! And we’re all prone to get it!!!

“for my yoke is EASY, and my burden is LIGHT” – Jesus

Love and Grace,