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Way back when I used to want to be the next Chris Tomlin (because we don’t have enough worship leaders), I remember starting a “worship band” (because we don’t have enough worship bands).

I actually got us all together for I think one jam-slash-practice…  Looking back, they were actually pretty stinking solid musically.  A patient, and accurate drummer, a skilled bassist (who could play upright, etc.), and a fantastic female vocalist… and I was ‘humble’ enough that I even planned to let her sing lead on a few songs.

If this is not embarrassing enough, I remember quite distinctly proposing a name for this worship band (or was it more informing them!?).  I think I’d even printed out a ‘logo’ on plain white 8 1/2 x 11 (which is NOT exactly the same size as A4, for all you kiwi readers), using —ouch the embarrassment!!!— Papyrus font on Microsoft word.

I don’t remember if it was as two, one or two hyphenated words, but I obviously felt that it would help to explain the ‘inspiration’ behind the name: “Servant-saints” (!!!)  “You know, cuz we’re called to be servants, and we’re also seen by God as saints.”

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A few things I’m up to at the moment:

  • One year to go at Carey toward having these letters after my name: BappTheol (Bachelor in Applied Theology) & DipPL (Diploma of Pastoral Leadership).
  • This summer (as part of the DipPL programme), I get to do an actual summer placement at Ponsonby Baptist, and am really looking forward to learning from the experience.
  • Thomas is saying various fun words, like ‘bwek-faas!’ (which we hope means ‘breakfast’) and ‘s***’ (which we think means ‘Shrek’).
  • Because a) I’m a little over atheism/theism threads, and b) never wanted my blog to be an ‘apologetics’ one, I’d like my criticism of atheism to be implicit rather than explicit.
  • That band I’m in, Great North, is releasing our 9-track album (glowing review by Graham Reid here) at a must-attend shin-gig at the Wine Cellar this Friday night or on our bandcamp page, and has a 3-day north island tour (welly, hammy, aucks) from Dec 9-11.
  • Because you cannot stop me, I’m going to do a 12-track album called “Good Old Church Songs” – all hymns – this summer and I’m looking forward to seeing how it sounds.