liberty and power

In this post, I’m testing out a possible parallel between global society and personal living.

In terms of global history, the control of communism was defeated by the freedom of capitalism.

What we might call ‘social democracy’ (to the extent that it is truly a) socially concerned and b) genuinely representative of the entire demos/people) could be a middle ground between overly restrictive communism (too much control, not enough freedom), and unrestrained capitalism (too much freedom, not enough control).

In terms of personal living, the control of repression has given way to the freedom of self-expression.

What we might call ‘social expression’ (to the extent that it is a) respectful of the needs and feelings of others and b) authentic in its expression of each unique identity) could be a middle ground between societal expectations that suppress individuality and stereotypes (too many rules, not enough individuality) and individual expressions that are indifferent to others.