superstition, anti-intellectualism & guilt

I came across this “chain-text” that (equalling and perhaps even excelling similar kinds of texts) manages not only to be superstitious and anti-intellectual, but also uses guilt tactics:

God is whispering your name, why? Because something good is about to happen to you. [umm… horoscope alert…] If u believe in God send to ten people without thinking. [really!?  without thinking?  Excuse me, but your anti-intellectualism is showing…] Ibet u don’t have time to do this [thanks for the vote of confidence – I thought something good was about to happen to me?] but Jesus gave his life for you, send this to ten people [not 9, not 11, but 10 – one for every one of the ten commandments, one of which is to not take the Lord’s name in vain, which this whole chain text is an exercise in…] and see what happens in five minutes. [not 4, not 6, but 5 – one for every minute you intentionally ignore bad things and notice only good things…] Do u have time for God.? [because forwarding such drivel ‘for God’ is obviously so high on God’s list of how we should spend our time.]

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let me paint it a little clearer.

What you (A) think of chain-texter (B)’s beliefs/notions/convictions – is what I (C) think of your (A) beliefs/notions/convictions.

e.g. superstitious, anti-intellectual, biblical number studies (not 39 not 41 but FORTY, etc.) confirmation bias, etc.

whereas I was quoting a text message word for word and inserting in-line comments in response, you respond with a casual and sweeping dismissal of an entire worldview in a single broadbrush comment

Seems a little opportunistic and simplistic (and pointless) to me, but if typing that makes you feel better, then good for you :)

p.s. – I’ll probably never find broadbrush, general dismissals very worth engaging with. As a general rule, the more specific the focus, the better. For me at least. That’s when I’m most likely to engage.

Sorry bro..!! I just read this and was like “are you effing kidding me…?..!! this is exactly what it’s like…!!”

I just find it really hardcase is all.

The other thread’s way more interesting anyway.

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