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an epistemic prolegomenon for theology

Even given the doctrine of God’s self-disclosure or revelation, and given the Wesleyan Quadrilateral (Scripture, Reason, Tradition and Experience)… You will never, in your lifetime, know everything about God.

Or… see the doctrine of ineffability.

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“It is not possible to know God through reason at all, if he exists.”

That seems like a pretty hard conclusion to argue for.

Why do you believe/How do you know/What makes you think Jesus reveals what God is like.

Ryan, you probably could have found a more relevant thread as it seems a little forced to ask these why/how/what questions on a post simply about the limitation of human knowledge – but I’ll humour you.

Why do I believe?
I believe because of a whole slew or factors in no particular order: It is internally coherent (IMHO), it fits with experience, I want to believe, I’ve yet to see reasons not to, etc.

How do I know? (see post above on not ‘knowing’ everything)
I trust the message of the gospel as revealed by the church in scripture.

What makes me think Jesus reveals what God is like?
In short, coz Jesus said he does.

Dude, I just put ‘revelation’ in your silly search bar and this was the first one that popped up. Meet me half way with your convo stopping Nazism man..

Sorry about the confusing ‘Why do you/How do you’ – they were all just different options about the same Jesus question. So despite being tempted to list off some reasons why it’s not internally coherent and why not to actively believe in Christianity I would like to just stick with the Jesus question for simplicity’s sake.

Next question is clearly: Why do you believe Jesus when he says that he reveals what God is like?

I figured you just picked the first one – what’s convenient for you is not always best for what I want for my own blog. If I want convos to be on topic more rigidly than you, then that’s my own prerogative. :) Cry me some more tears bro :)

As for your line of questioning, I honestly don’t predict you’re going to be satisfied with any combination of letters I type in this box. I take Jesus very seriously. In terms of identity (human and divine), achievement (atonement) and historicity etc. This has to be my last comment until next week – until then you’ve got time to find appropriate threads for the 16 questions you might be lumping into one here. :)

My eyes are dry, friend.

Simple question: “Why do you take Jesus very seriously?” …mainly in terms of his big claims, etc. Obviously, you don’t need to tell me why you take things he says seriously that I also take seriously, for example “feed the poor”. Tell me about why you take things seriously he said that you know I don’t take seriously and explain why I should take them seriously.

And don’t be so cynical. I’m optimistic there’s a logical word combo in your head somewhere that helps you make sense of it all and take 100% of Jesus seriously. I’m interested to hear it.

:) :) :)))))) ::::))) :):):):) :)

Sorry mate, but that sounds like a cop out for not wanting to answer what would appear to me to be a very basic question with a very short answer from yourself.

“Why do you take Jesus very seriously?”

Some answers might include:

– because faith
– because resurrection
– because revelation
– etc. etc.

I can wait a few weeks if need be, I know you’re busy with your Carey stuff.

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