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past six days

The past six days for me:

  • Friday 25th Jan – Elephant TV posts the finished ‘evolution‘ episode, which I got to take part in.
  • Saturday 26th Jan – The band I’m in (Great North) plays at Parachute – even after our bass player received 6 stitches for (as you do) having a wine-bottle-ish chandelier fall on her head.
  • Sunday 27th JanGreat North plays a 3pc set at the Auckland Folk Festival, and is awarded a Tui (New Zealand Music Award) for Best Folk Album of 2012 for ‘Halves.
  • Monday 28th Jan – Auckland Anniversary Day.  Casual lovely day with Di & Tom at a park, a beach (with friends) and home.  Tom got stung, we think, by a little jelly fish several times on his legs.
  • Tuesday 29th Jan – I – after much psychological hesitation – published my personal photography FB page, which is sure to rise to the hundreds of thousands of ‘likes’.
  • Wednesday 30th Jan – is my birthday (34th)!  I received ‘special birthday toast’, a Blues Harp (harmonica), a special morning tea at work (Northcote Baptist), and am looking forward to a nice meal at ‘Mexico’ tonight in Takapuna with Frank Ritchie and his family.

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Hey Dale, congrats on the award. That’s terrific!

Regarding the clip about evolution, I will never understand how the religious mind presumes to judge scientific theories on theological merit… as if this were in any way a meaningful or valuable addition to discern how reality works. Obviously, it isn’t and there is much compelling historical evidence to show why this method of presuming faith-based belief a place at the scientific table doesn’t work to produce knowledge but interferes with its attainment.

The only way I can see people falling for this faith-based method is if the presumption is that reality must fit into a specific religious model, which puts the cart before the horse if we’re honestly trying to find out how reality works. Accepting this religious presumption seems to me to be a surefire way to fool one’s self with a demonstrably inferior method of inquiry. Believing something to be true doesn’t make the something true.

Presuming any religious model is true (and we know they make competing and contrary claims amongst themselves) negates the ability and willingness for adherents to allow reality to arbitrate these contrary claims equivalently compared to the method of science (whose products based on the same method we know works for everyone everywhere all the time). We wouldn’t empower this method to fool ourselves in any other area of life knowing full well its consequences to us to be used as credulous and gullible people unable to determine what reality has to say about claims made to describe it. After all, this is how dishonest people prey on the vulnerable with scams and dubious products. Yet when it comes to religious belief, suddenly the method of presumption about a model becomes a ‘test’ for one’s religious faith, a test one must pass according to so many other adherents… as if to say unless you willing to be fooled and think it a virtue that honours god about this model but not that model, you can’t belong to our little club.

Surely the insult to one’s intellectual integrity should play a more pronounced role that politely setting it aside to agreeably disagree with those who presume to make religious claims about science. This is arrogance in action, a presumption of expertise to judge scientific claims that has never been demonstrated. This is important because these claims to expertise are not just patently absurd but injurious to respecting reality’s role to arbitrate claims made about it. We all lose when we respect the scientific opinions of people based on their a priori faith-based beliefs because it either disregards or minimizes our ability to find out what’s true and replace this with nothing more and nothing less than unjustified belief.

FYI, I’m a bit behind on work and a few things at home, and I can’t afford the time that long threads and quick-fire replies (from me, as I’ve been prone to in the past) take, so admittedly I’ve let a few threads/comments hang. I do intend to eventually respond. Cheers.

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