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the mighty chorus

Just making preparations for song-leading at Carey graduation, and spotted this gem of a line, which opens the fourth verse of Henry van Dyke’s hymn (to the tune of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Hymn to Joy), Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee:

Mortals join the mighty chorus, which the morning stars began…

I love the thought of all of the vast ages upon ages of ‘chorusing’ that the stars have sounded.  And that we humble and small and relatively quiet humans get to ‘join’ (not lead!!) it.

One reply on “the mighty chorus”

I hear the stars make music of their own
Praising their creator as the galaxies are grown
Mountain heights point us to above
And the oceans deepest depths, they tell us of his love
I myself am smaller than these things
But the praises that I have are the praises that I bring.

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