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easy hard

quick reflections:

  • It’s easy to paint Islam as a) inherently evil/violent or b) docile/dormant and harmless – it’s hard to patiently assess what Islam is actually like.
  • It’s easy to tell a woman considering abortion a) that she’s a murderer or b) that whatever choice she makes is the right choice – it’s hard to journey patiently, lovingly, understandingly, etc-ingly, with not only the her, but the father, her family, her friends, her community in and through difficult and complex times.
  • (repeat with all kinds of issues…)

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If you patiently assess what Islam is actually like, you will discover that it is inherently evil/violent. Luckily for us, most of it’s followers are nominal muslims.

Hi Ross,
Can you back that up without cherry-picking (out of context) verses found via Google (i.e. “violent verses in Koran/Qu’ran”, etc.)?

As far as I understand Islam is not just about the text of the Koran there’s also the hadiths and a lot of cultural cruft which is mostly about getting along in society, not stealing, respecting people, principles like that.

Also human nature being what it is, people can act like assholes or good samaritans. Their choice really.

I’m glad that Fred Phelps, Pat Robertson, David Koresh do not represent Christianity even though they somehow claim their bullshit is Biblical

Okay then Ross, if you want to paint Islam that way, I’m going to paint Christianity that way.
If you patiently assess what the god of the old testament is actually like, you will discover that it is inherently evil, violent, misogynistic, sadistic, cruel, malevolent, murderous, vengeful, spiteful, jealous, petty and immoral. Luckily for us, most Christians completely ignore the old testament.

the interpretive issue of a handful of isolated-and-amplified bits of the OT aside, ppl can and do also refer to a handful of equally isolated-and-amplified bits of church history (i.e. crusades). The point: Christians should know what it feels like to have their religion criticised.

I generally only refer to those things when a Christian makes the extremely fallacious argument that one cannot be good or moral without god, specifically the god of the bible.
Ross was being bigoted and inflammatory, I had to give him a taste of his own medicine.

I think the first thing to say is that (because of such things like the fact/value distinction) one can’t use the word ‘good’ in any meaningful sense without some kind of (known or unknown | grasped or assumed) metaphysical view. But I’m inclined to keep this thread on topic.

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