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Tuesday night course at Carey this semester (in addition to Romans on Monday night): Understanding and Interrogating Culture, with Phil Halstead (who also teaches the Intro to Counselling course I recently took).

Fantastic to be in a classroom talking about culture and look around and see (in no particular order!) kiwis, Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Fijians, Samoans, etc. – male and females – young and old.

One of the many, many reasons I love Carey Baptist College.

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Dale, I was looking through your posts and noticed this one. I will be attending a bible study/discussion group with some ladies from church at the home of a friend who’s husband is teaching two Intercultural Studies classes (Cultural and Global Awareness and Spiritual Preparation for Cross-Cultural Service) at SBU. He and his wife will also be planning an Intercultural Studies Retreat in Branson for about 60+ students. Jeff Lewis (Calif) and James Willford (Central Asia) will speak, and there will be mentors with cross-cultural experience in each of the small groups. Just thought it was an interesting coincidence.
Blessings in your studies! Mom

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