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The person of Christ quite literally puts the Christ in Christian theology

Standard systematic theological categories:

  • theology (proper) – doctrine of theos|God
  • anthropology – doctrine of anthropos|’Man’
  • christology – doctrine of christos|Christ
  • ecclesiology – doctrine of ekklesia|Church
  • pneumatology – doctrine of pneuma|(Holy) Spirit
  • eschatology – doctrine of eschaton|Last Things

Theological category summaries with reason and logic alone:

  • theology proper – omni-God d(th)eism of course; not sure what this God actually does other than just be really omni-everything
  • anthropology – substantive view, humans = the ones who can reason
  • christology – a really, really well-known and good human
  • ecclesiology – people supposed to believe certain things and act in certain ways
  • pneumatology – that which helps us rise above bodily limitations and think better
  • eschatology – spirit leaves body and dwells eternally in heaven

Theological category summaries in light of Christ:

  • theology proper – a triune community with divine self-donating love at its heart
  • anthropology – created good to become like Jesus Christ
  • christology – the crucified and risen God-Man and reference point for all things
  • ecclesiology – the cross-bearing community of new life for the world
  • pneumatology – the Spirit who conforms us to the image of Christ
  • eschatology – all things in heaven and earth summed up and renewed in Christ

“crux sola est nostra theologia” (The cross alone is our theology) Martin Luther

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Pop next-door and ask Myk?? :D

But yes, perhaps Christology, Pneumatology and an additional category of “Pateriology” should under, with or as the category of Theology? :)

NB. “patrology” is already taken (in at least some circles) for Patristics :) Maybe some Latin derived term… otherwise the theology of the first person is assumed/subsumed in the study of God while that of the second and third persons is not…

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