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abortion poem

I’m prolife, and firmly so, but I’m also pro support of women in real and really desperate and fragile situations.  (hat tip – PZ Meyers)

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Very powerful.

It seems to me that ethics without compassion is condemnatory judgement. Christ displayed compassion to every ‘sinner’ He met. He reserved his condemnation for those with a hypocritical sense of self-righteousness. How often do those of us with moral standpoints and black and white lenses forget that real people with real pain live in the real world?

I am pro-life, by the way. Because I have this naive idea that life is precious. Even though we don’t understand life (conception, twinning etc.), even though life sux real bad for people at times, even though life at times doesn’t even seem to respect itself. But how could anyone say to any woman like that not to have an abortion without first offering the support she needed?

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