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It was great to hear Richard Storey share at ‘after dinner mints’ at Carey Tuesday lunch yesterday. “Richard is a freshwater biologist for the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA). He spent two years with A Rocha in Lebanon and now chairs the board of A Rocha NZ. This Christian organisation is focused on science, research, practical conservation and environmental education.” (from Carey website)

Not only was it refreshing to hear a thoughtful, patient, pro-science Christian who is applying their faith to all of life, but I was particularly impressed to learn of an upcoming climate-change conference being planned. So often, the ‘sides’ tar and feather each other, never really patiently engaging with each other (certainly the blogosphere is overflowing with such politicised ranting – on both sides), but it was wonderful to hear that a conference is in the works which (apparently) will be inclusive of and patient enough to dialogue with even people like Ian Wishart (author of ‘Con Air’). It is this spirit of patient dialogue, taking the time to hear one another that will help make any progress. It avoids making the mistake of not taking the other person seriously enough to actually engage with them.

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I got the impression that this was still ‘in the works’ (and searched the net [briefly] in vain), so sorry, I cannot provide any info.

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