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teleological indifference

The word ‘produced’ carries around a bag loaded with connotations of intentionality or goal-endedness.

Is there a teleologically indifferent word for ‘produce’?

Because if it is utterly wrong (which, biologically/scientifically speaking, it necessarily is) to say that evolution ‘had humans in mind’ (or any particular species for that matter), then this word would be nice to have to keep us from sweeping intentionality under the rug with such phrases as “evolution produced humans”.

2 replies on “teleological indifference”

True, Dale – but metaphor is a great aid to conveying information. Just that we should stop every so often and state what we actually mean.

Yes Ken. Not that you were saying we could, but I’m not sure we can ever (even with the most precise, technical and scientific language) get past the use of metaphor.

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