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matter over mind?

If you’ve not seen the ‘Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey’ video on YouTube, head to Damian’s blog or find it yourself.  The mind boggles.

But is it the mind boggling? Or maybe is it the emotions boggling the mind?

Just as a mind with no heart to guide or soften it can be hard, unflinching, logic-chopping and just plain annoying (seen in apologetic behaviour – whether for or against theism), so also a heart with no mind to sharpen, shape and direct it, can be either wildly fuzzy and cuddly, etc. as well as incensed, obsessed and enslaved to/with lust, anger, worry, etc.

Humans are at least physical beings.  We stub our toes, drive stakes through our heads and talk about it, get sleepy, get into comas, etc.  But we also have a unique ability (not always fully realised) to ‘transcend’ our physicality and think about it, reason, understand and imagine.

Imagination is necessary for both science (theory construction, model making, etc.) and Benny-Hinn-ish hysteria in some extreme emotionalistic church meetings.  The goal we all know to be a good one is the goal to have an imagination characterised by our best thinking and our best feeling.  A both/and.