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‘Life’ can be divided into compartments without compartmentalisation. Compartmentalisation happens not by simply distinguishing one aspect, mode or dimension from another (I.e. Physics/metaphysics; neurology/cardiology; epistemology/sociology), but when the compartments are neccesarily and/or unavoidably contradictory with one another.

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Easy to set things up in opposition to one another though, don’t you think, if we think of them in separate compartments? On the other hand, a bit of compartmentalisation can be useful e.g. I work from home and the difference between what is ‘work’ and what isn’t is blurry sometimes. Can you expand on your thought a little more?

Thanks for the good question :)
It’s a both/and, isn’t it? Life is (a la Plato & Strom ;D ) ‘one and many’. Yes harmonious dualities can quickly become adversarial dualisms. :)

Yeah, compartmentalising has two sides. It can over-simplify something, or it can enhance the colour of something…define the lines, like Andrea says.

Good stuff.

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