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Is beauty completely subjective?

I just had a truckload of beauty dumped in my lap as I took part in ‘Mixi Club’ at my church.  Mixi Club provides community and food to the most interesting and wonderful range of people from the community around.

I lunched with *C* (name withheld to respect privacy), who told me (not for the first time!) his life story of being abused sexually as a child, getting into ‘drugs rock and roll and women, ya-know?’ and how coming to church has helped ‘everything start makin’ sense – know-wadda-mean?’.  He could write a book, he tells me, about the things he’s seen.  He has 50 pages at home that the world would be richer for reading, if you ask me.

Grace, who has less than half her sight, stooped down very close to me to get a good look at me, so she could put a face to the voice she knew from my preaching.

Ken, whose post-stroke condition made it frustrating for him to match words with what he was trying to say, was passionately concerned (‘…but maybe I’m wrong’ he said) about my casual attire being someone who worked for a church.  We had quite a nice chat and his utmost concern throughout was that I understood him and was not offended.  Peter who had shared his thoughts during my talk and remained mostly quiet during lunch, raced up to me as I was leaving to tell me that my outfit was perfectly fine and looked quite nice.

It is enough to make one cry :)

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Haha! Well I think you dress pretty good! :P

Beauty being subjective is an interesting one! That was the hot topic at homegroup this week, actually. Very good.

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