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At Carey Baptist today, our ‘after dinner mints’ (regular guest speaker spot after Tuesday lunch) guest was Mark Grantham, accompanied by his Dad, Chris, and another lady (whose name escapes me).

Mark, despite his cerebral palsy induced disability, has done very well with what he has.  He advocates internationally on behalf of disabled persons, and sells chocolate bars on Broadway street in Newmarket, Auckland, to raise money to support his five World Vision sponsor children.  His father has just published a book called ‘The Chocolate Seller on Broadway and His Kids‘, which has been noticed in the media – and apparently had some large NZ names at the book-launch, which is great to hear.

It’s inspiring, and not a little humbling, to see someone with such passion.  I especially appreciated Mark and Chris’ sharing about how their faith has been challenged, sharpened and strengthened through dealing with disability.  Everyone (even supermodels/actors apparently) has physical things about them they wouldn’t mind changing (which are probably all-too-often determined by cultural standards of what a human should look like).  But what really matters is what we do with what we’ve got.

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