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Not that I always maintain regular posting, but I’ll not (probably?) be posting for a couple weeks, as I leave Sunday night (or Monday morning, actually) for Kolkata, India with a group from my church.  We are helping Freeset refurbish their new building to expand their business.  Freeset make fair-trade, organic, eco-friendly and pretty stinkin’ classy jute bags; and they are expanding to making t-shirts with the new building.  Their reason for existence is to provide alternative employment for Indian women who want out of the sex trade – a form of human trafficking.

Team 1 (3 people) is already over there now; our team (Team 2 – 11 people) goes this weekend; and Team 3  (4 people) go later in February.  We’ve got a great range of people going over, from tradesmen to those just willing to pitch in wherever needed.

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We can testify to the classy jute bags that Freeset makes. Great Christmas gift idea Dale and Di… thanks for the one you gave us!

Your Dad and I will be praying safe journey for the team as you head out Monday (Sunday our time) and for a successful mission. Also praying for your families back in New Zealand and their blessing too.

Bon voyage and blessings with our love!!
Mom and Dad

(a little confused by your comment? was there an implication hinted at? yes, the $ for tickets would employ a certain # of ppl for a certain length of time – but so would the $ spent on, say, the DVDs rented in Auckland for one night?)

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