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mixed responses

The Christian response to the ‘Faithful Science’ day-conference have been mixed.

Most of the appreciative and complementary feedback has been email or verbal.  As for the less-appreciative feedback, unfortunately it’s been more public.

First, the Christian newspaper “Challenge Weekly” published a (to say it kindly) selective and less-than-inaccurate piece entitled “Conference fuels Controversy” (which can be viewed here – scroll down about half way), which, among other things, made the bizarre and out-of-left-field claim that some of the presenters held views more like Deism (which was anything but the case).

Predictably, the “letters to the editor” section in subsequent issues have been spotted with a handful of  readers who were concerned/shocked by the conference.  And, also not a surprise, a fresh write-up by CMI (Creation Ministries International) was subsequently published (here), entitled “Genesis not a Myth”, warning against a roadway to “spiritual disaster”.

The CMI article is also up here at their own website in very similar format, though more specifically targeting the Faithful Science conference.

I’ve offerred a couple of responses to Challenge, hoping to a) correct factual errors, b) help to clarify relevant issues, and c) challenge (no pun intended) readers to be more patient, and not assume what “those christian evolutionists” actually believe.  Also, I’ve responsed to the CMI article and am hoping for some positive interaction there.

Also, I’ve had some dialogue (which is absolutely exemplary in terms of tone, patience, etc.) with an I.D. advocate who is a member of my church and attended the conference.

Here’s to (hopefully!) fruitful dialogue and interaction in the next… however long.  :)

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I don’t know why accepting evolution would be considered a “downward spiral for unbelief.” I mean surely that isn’t what was witnessed on the day?
We had faithful bible-believing people speaking. People like what’s-his-name glorified ape guy. Weren’t his parents missionaries? Wouldn’t he know a little bit about the trueness of faith and where the blood and sweat hits the road in terms of working sacrificially for God and seeing biblical truth breathing? But he accepted evolution. Is he on a downward spiral? Yeesh.

well, good on ya, for sticking your head above the parapet. just dont get too sucked in to the nonsense. If people were willing to discuss things rationally, then they wouldn’t be so quick to shout “HERESY!!”

I’ve been telling people that focus of the conference was to move away from a ‘God of the gaps’ theory. That if we see God as filling all the holes in our scientific knowledge, when science does attempt to fill a gap, people feel God is under attack.

I guess everyone there would remember something different, and have a different response. Media outlets are notorious for spinning stories the way they think will get the best reaction.

I really enjoyed the day and would happily attend something similar again.

Have you made any progress getting dvd’s/audio available for purchase, I have a friend who wasn’t able to make it and would like to hear the content…


Thanks Joe-n-James,
The DVD’s will be a while, the production is volunteer work, so can’t (and won’t!) push them, and still waiting for PPT slides from one of the presenters :) Will post on TANSA blog (and link to it here as well) when they’re available :)

CMI has to attack you and do whatever it takes to defend a literal six day creation and young earth – it’s the very reason they exist.

They have to have an enemy in order to justify their existence – that enemy is any adherent of evolution, Christian or not. If they gave ground and said that one can adhere to evolution and maintain a robust Christianity, they would become irrelevant and there would be no reason for the organisation to exist.

It’s a sad state of affairs. There are so many problems in the CMI article its tough to pick a place to start… and I, sadly, wasn’t even at the conference.

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