busy-ish again

  • In addition to ‘normal’ things happening…
  • Had first day of classes for Intro to Counselling (Phil Halstead) and Insights into Church History (Laurie Guy) at Carey today.  They both look to be fantastic courses.  Random thoughts about both: The counselling class had me reminded again just how ‘objective’/’real’ the various ‘subjective’ human problems can be; The church history class discussed Martin Luther in his context, reminding me yet again that an informed historical awareness makes our critiques (of both medevial Catholicism and Luther himself) all the more balanced/helpful.
  • Registrations ticking over for ‘Faithful Science‘  (August 1st).  Looking forward to it!
  • Giving morning talk/devotion at TEARFund Advocate Conference the next day (Aug 2nd).
  • We’re moving to Glenfield (cheaper and more ‘our-fam-at-this-stage-friendly’ place) THIS Saturday!
  • I must also make sure that our 7 month old, Thomas, has his cubby/cute cheeks thoroughly kissed multiple times each day!