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Wright comments on blogging

“It really is high time we developed a Christian ethic of blogging. Bad temper is bad temper even in the apparent privacy of your own hard drive, and harsh and unjust words, when released into the wild, rampage around and do real damage. And as for the practice of saying mean an unjust things behind a pseudonym – well if I get a letter like that it goes straight in the bin. But the cyberspace equivalents of road rage don’t happen by accident. People who type vicious, angry, slanderous and inaccurate accusations do so because they feel their worldview to be under attack.” (Wright, N.T., Justification: God’s Plan, Paul’s Vision,SPCK, 2009, p.10)

Found here.  Hat-tip Ben Myers.

7 replies on “Wright comments on blogging”

Hey, the ethic has already been developed. It’s called common courtesy and applies to everyone, regardless of whether they are a Christian, Muslim, vegetarian, rock star, National Party supporter or Libertarian (well, ok, perhaps not Libertarians ;) ).

I should have mentioned in the OP that these above comments are in reference to blogging in primarily christian blogospheres about Wright and issues to do with the doctrine of justification, etc.

I always use my name…even when commenting on blogs that may be scrutinized. I figure that there is enough software to trace the IP address of this computer and I don’t plan on saying anything untruthful or hateful anyway.

Damian is right…common courtesy in every venue is a worthwhile endeavor.

cheers John, :)
the IP addresses can be played with if people use proxy servers, etc., but yeah, most of the time it’d be decently traceable…

I just got flamed by an ‘anonamous’, for the first time, actually i quite enjoyed it. It was interesting to see what they came up with, apparently I am scared of dying and suffering which is good to know as I hadn’t previously realised!

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