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For mozzila firefox users, who blog with wordpress…

…I recommend installing the ‘Google Gears‘ plug-in (click ‘Turbo’ in your WordPress dashboard – sorry not available for users!), which (when enabled) stores all the little images and things that you otherwise have to download each time you change pages.  This not only saves bandwith, but should considerably speed up your ‘dashboard time’ (even if you have a pretty fast internet connection?).

While I’m at it, I also recommend the AdBlock Plus (blocks many/most advertisements) plug-in and the Zotero (bibliography/referencing tool) plug-in.

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Adblock Plus means that even though I kinda-sorta like Google Chrome’s layout and speed a bit more, I’ll never leave Firefox until they get the same plugin (I know there is some fiddly way to get the same effect, but come on).

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