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Many of you will already use a ‘reader’ to follow sites/blogs, but for those of you who don’t and/or don’t know how, this post is for you.

If you have a ‘Gmail‘ (google-mail) account and have several websites or blogs you like to keep up with, I highly recommend using Google Reader.

When logged into ‘Gmail’, you will see several ‘tabs’ at the top, including the ‘Reader’ tab.


You can add subscriptions by clicking the ‘add a subscription’ button and entering the URL (http://…etc.) of the site/blog.


Some sites/blogs provide a simple button which (when logged into Gmail!) will –when clicked– automatically add that site/blog to your Google Reader (I’ve just added this button to my site).

This conveniently brings all the sites/blogs I want to follow into one place (and –as you can see– you can categorise them into folders), and saves me from having to go to each site/blog to read updates.

Now… if Google only provided a way to track blog comments… (any hackers know of a quick/easy way?)

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You can often subscribe to RSS feeds of specific post comments (as on this site). Alternatively one could use a service like a commentful watchlist and take a RSS feed from that.
It’s just a matter of including these feeds in Google Reader subscriptions.

Cheers Ken. I’ll certainly look out for the RSS comment feeds on various sites! I’d be cool if the Google-machine provided a ‘track comments for this post’ option for sites/blogs already subscribed to! :)

Forgot to note in the post that WordPress (for all or many themes???) has the option of subscribing to comments and being emailed when a new comment is left…

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