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everything is amazing – nobody is happy

Friggin’ hilarious…  and a bit true as well :)

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I remember arriving back in NZ from Calcutta at the age of 19 and, on my first day back at work, hearing the ladies in the tea room saying that “New Zealand is becoming a third world country”. Happiness is relative.

I had a similar experience after coming home from Brazil, noting the stark difference between the way the Brazillian kids treasured the cheap toys we gave them, and the way American kids are disinterested in them before they’ve unwrapped them!

I know exactly what you mean. I really dislike buying NZ kids presents for that very reason. Every child (nephew/niece/etc) I know simply doesn’t need any more playthings. But they do need knowledge and experiences which makes books and excursions the best gifts IMO.

couldn’t agree more. We’ve literally bought Thomas no toys yet at all, and he’s already got way more than he needs. Often, I suspect, all the toy-buying isn’t even for the kids, but mostly for the parents/grandparents, etc.

For the record, I think toys are incredibly important, just that there is a threshold whereby an more are just a waste of space and possibly even damage a developing person’s ability to appreciate things.

Absolutely. Depending on the type and amount of toys that a child has, they can either help to develop them mentally/socially/etc., or quite the opposite! :)

very cool vid. kinda makes you realise the problem of human contentment is not actually a material one… hmm i wonder where i have heard something like that before???

Phil 4:12 *KERPOW!!*

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