caption competition 2

The commenter with the best improvement to this caption will win… well… the satisfaction of knowing Dale liked their caption the best… :)

4 replies on “caption competition 2”

‘First-born realises the joy of no siblings to compete with is short-lived…no-one told me about this technology thing!

Well OK, it’s a bit of a long caption, but worth a try with that awesome prize ;-)

Mum, if you’re calling my Missouri Grandpa and Grandma, tell um “Hi” for me!

This is not a caption… I really want to know what this ever-present bottle is that appears in your photos. The one with the white cap and yellow label.

(He’s got an incredible look of disdain going on there! How can someone be waving yet so disdainful at the same time?)

Thanks Jack and ‘Grandma’ :),
Damian, good spotting of the bottle :) I forget the name of the stuff, but it is a powder you put in their mouths before feeding to prevent them getting ‘wind’ (i.e. burpy). But, alas, you have missed another object that is in both pictures – the flowery-ish drinking glass! :)

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