thomas isaiah campbell

5 pounds, 3 ounces — born 4:18am Sunday, December 21, 2008 — 7 weeks pre-mature but his lungs are ‘catching up’ well — the tubes in this picture are feeding and breathing tubes — mum (for US people, this is equivalent to ‘mom’) is recovering great!

(update: more pics being added here!)


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Congrats bro!

It was exciting getting the news early yesterday morning. We’re really happy for you and look forward to being able to visit and help out somehow… and see the new mini Campbell!

And on the prem thing… I was seven weeks prem and I’m flippin awesome! He’ll be great. Now I’ve got a prem buddy ;)

“…and I’m flippin awesome!” LLOL (literal-laugh-out-loud) :) Thanks mate!

Thanks! And yes, warm fuzzies are meant to be good – the Bible says so – 2 Hesitations 67:4.5 :)

‘the Bible says so – 2 Hesitations 67:4.5’ ?? OMH (over my head)

Hope Thomas is getting the breathing going a bit better each day – before you know it you’ll be able to cuddle him up and take him home :-)

sorry Jack, that’s a random churchy joke – there is no book of the Bible called ‘Hesitations’ (let alone 2nd Hesitations…) :)

Thomas is breathing better already! Bit by bit! :) And Mum/Dad had their first cuddle! yay! :)

Cheers, Damian, he’s doing great :) he’s out of the incubator, off the breathing tubes, back above birth weight, off extra monitoring (heart-rate + oxygen %age), and learning to suck :)

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