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one of these hoods is not like the other

Just received Robin Hood in the post today and watched it tonight with my wife.

No, not the well-known one where the ‘prince of thieves‘ has a modern haircut and a glaringly obvious American accent (sorry Kevin, loved you in Field of Dreams…)…

This one is the version that was produced the same year, but got demoted to a TV-movie.

Two main reasons why I think this one far out-does the Costner version:

  1. This one makes special effort to be historically accurate, including elements like sleepy kings riding horses, garment-dye being splashed around during a fight and the jester in the baron’s castle.
  2. Patrick Bergin is a far-better Hood.  He’s playful, witty, slim and just more convincing than Costner – case closed – hands down – deal sealed.

(If you’re in Auckland, I’m willing to loan this one out, as it’s hard to get at video-stores – not even ‘Videon’ on Dominion Road had it.)

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