here’s looking at (our) kid

(Click the post title to see the 19.5 week scan!)  :)

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I have to admit I have a really hard time making out what is what in those types of scans. I can see the bones of the hand and arm but I think I might be imagining the two eyes and mouth in a upward-facing surprised look.

And looking at the bottom one… is it normal for a baby to have a massive robotic claw?

(Just kidding bro! It must be an amazing feeling being able to see images of your baby like this)

Cheers guys,
‘Tis exciting stuff indeed! And yes, the details are quite hard to make out – could be a cute baby, could be body-snatcher attack, could be world-renown theologian and rock-star? My vote is a combination of the first and last… :)

This is a bit like parents showing each other brag photos. But have a look at the first photo I have of my last grandchild: The details are pretty hard to work out here too.

I must admit these sort of “first photos” do give you a lift.

[Editor’s note: Ken, I hope you didn’t mind, but thought I’d save people having to click through – it’s a great picture!]

They are great Dale – and easy to interpret, in fact quality has improved a bit since we had our first child. Yep you can see the arm and nice head side profile in that first one, and the back bone. And the second one straight on to the head looks good too, can see a healthy skull and division of brain into two halves (you know the whole right brain, left brain thing!). It looks a bit like his (my bet is a boy) arms are behind his head. Funny as our son’s ultrasound had his hands behind his head – and even now he still loves lying like that (and is a pretty chilled out ‘laid back’ kid)! Am excited for you both and ultrasounds are a super way for Dads to feel more connected, more like its real.

Thanks Ken,
Great pic! Thanks for the link – it’s amazing to look at that collection of cells (which I guess is one way to describe what we still are!) on it’s way to further growth and experience.
Cheers Jack,
Your comments sound like those that the radiographer (is that right?) made during the procedure! Good observations! I too, have ‘decided’ that it’s a boy (though of course, we’ll be thrilled with a girl as well). :)

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