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I’m absolutely loving the Atahualpa theme by bytesforall.

It’s features include: rotating header images, customizable logo, a diverse options page and great plug-in support…

I’m especially loving the ease with which the options page allows me to manipulate various options for the look/feel.

I can’t believe it’s free… Go open-source technology.

I’m going to try and make some decent-looking headers (Rhett expressed his heartfelt appreciation of my header over at my blog), and take full advantage of the rotating headers option.

UPDATE: Headers up now – feedback?  (yes, I’m compliment-begging!)

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will do – we are releasing our own label later this year (being bottled at the mo) so will send some Auckland way … now where’s Auckland? ; )

Actually – on second thoughts, you could be a risk with that clumsiness problem you have already … but don’t worry, as far as ‘vine stuff’ goes there are loads of old pruning canes I could send (yay its Spring and we have only 5 rows of pruning to go – am very over spending my spare time pruning!).

lol – trying hard to refrain from making further Aucklander comments…
Thats a full on pruning explanation you found – its really just three steps – pruning, stripping and tying down. 1. After the grapes are harvested in April you wait for the leaves to fall off during autumn then you go through and cut most of the canes (wooden flexible branch thingees)off and leave two – four young canes only. This stops the vine getting too fat and gnarly, too leafy (= shade, = non-ripening of grapes)and too inflexible. 2. It can be a real mission getting the old stuff out (= stripping) as the tendrils have wound all around the wires – so you have to cut then yank and pull and swear and carry on to get it all out. 3. You then snip all the side branches off the remaining few selected canes and tie them down neatly onto a wire. Its a massive job – many workers have been brought in from the Cook Islands – some exploitation issues there too. Pruning is a great analogy for personal growth too Just trying to justify writing all about it on your blog! I’ll send you some pics!

Thanks for a) giving a J.A.F.A. (Just Another ‘Friendly’ Aucklander) like me a break, b) the extended explanation and c) the images (got ’em)! Very cool stuff! And yes, it’s a very good metaphor for lots of things!

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