oh baby…

Now that we’re out of the 12-week ‘danger zone’, I can (happily) share that my wife and I (well, really just her!) are expecting a baby in late Jan / early Feb!!!

The little guy (we actually don’t know the gender – and might not choose to find out before birth – but I’m going with ‘boy’ all the way!) is about 5cm at this stage… :)

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Thanks for sharing this rather major personal update!! It’s VERY exciting!!! Huge congratulations to you and Di from us :) Is that your baby in the photo or a borrowed baby? :)Hope Di is keeping well. Hope to see you guys again soon. Take care, S&D

That’s made my day! Big congratulations, welcome to the full on world of parenthood. That’s a cool pic – but definitely a girl – boys are never so modest as to cross their legs!

congratulations… it’s amazing to see your “son”… wish he born well and grow as a good boy who can make his parent proud…
if one day you and your “son” visit indonesia dont forget to contact me…
see you…

that is so awesome. can’t believe you are going to be a dad… i am so proud :) becky and I are super excited for you and di. we love you both.

What Chris meant to say was we wish you all (3 now not 2) well and love you all! :)
Can’t wait to see the “non-borrowed” pictures.

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