in states for sister’s wedding

Have a nice few weeks of reading my blog for hours each day…  (I’m sure you will)…  :)

I likely won’t be accessing it much while my wife and I are back ‘home’ in the states for my sister’s wedding.

Chat later! (we get back June 3)


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Don’t forget to stay on the look-out for the Left Behind computer game in bargain bins for me… I’m itching to play it so I can ‘critique’ it… otherwise known as ‘publicly rip it to shreds’. ;)

Have a great trip – to the States and to the times of being a ‘brother in law.’ I might pop by and respond to comments – hey maybe I could take on the role of blog babysitter when you guys take off holidaying and go off creating other websites ; )

Frank, have you ever seen the Simpsons Left Below episode?

Homer becomes obsessed with trying to calculate the day of the rapture and ends up with a convoluted equation that includes, among other factors, the number “0” for the number of Filipinos in the Bible.

It’s a classic.

That sounds brilliant!!!

The Left Behind series is one of the things I love to hate. I personally think the book of Revelation is a piece of literary genius – full of symbolism, metaphor and various imagery that was written in a type of symbolic code so that a certain people group could read and understand it whilst others of their time would not.

The Left Behind series absolutely cheapens it, removes it’s depth of different dimensions and has caused far too many people to miss it’s richness… it also makes people in our day and age forget that it wasn’t written for them, but was written for and had complete relevance for a people group of 2000 years ago. Once we know what it was saying to them, we can work out any place it might have for us… but when we make it just about us and for this time, we rob the people it was written for.

I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on that Simpson’s episode :)

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