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sex: taboo or tapu?

“In a free society, there has to be a happy medium between burqas and boobs on bikes.”

Tapu Misa has just written another great article discussing popular culture, advertising, sex and all that… Have a read of it here.

She’s in touch with both research and public opinion, and wonderfully expresses her own convictions without losing touch with those who may disagree with her.

Topical… Provocative… Well-informed…

That’s good journalism.

Keep it up, Tapu.

(the Title, ‘sex: taboo or tapu?’ was inspired by the coincidence that ‘tapu’ is not only the author’s name, but means ‘sacred’ [according to the concerned Tongan lady quoted in the article]…)

(EDIT: The video below shows a song by ‘Flight of the Conchords’ called ‘Business Time’ which is quite an interesting [and hilarious in my opinion!] parody of the difference between ‘real’ sex and the false notions seen in advertising, etc. – In my judgment, the song is actually making a good point, and not in an explicit way, so I think it’s safe for most people, but don’t watch if you’re easily offended…)

4 replies on “sex: taboo or tapu?”

Have heard ‘Business Time’ before and I agree – its hilarious.

Tapu’s column was a good read too. I agree that sex is tapu or sacred to some but I don’t see why this should translate into a lack of conversation about it. There are plenty of other things considered sacred that are talked about a lot. If honest, open conversations about sex don’t happen then quite frankly the word on it is left to these scheming advertisers. Its no wonder teenagers (and perhaps adults) get a distorted view of the realities. Thumbs up to Flight of the Concords, for telling it as it is.

Indeed, Jack.
The difficult work of talking about sex –and maybe daring to suggest that some expressions of it might not be best– is what I think is needed.
And yes, strangely, ‘Business Time’ is one example, though the vehicle of humour is not the best (or at least shouldn’t be the only) way to have those important conversations…

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