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Ehrman and Wright ‘blogalogue’

WrightEhrmanBart Ehrman and N.T. Wright have agreed to ‘blog’ through the issue of Suffering and God over at Beliefnet. You can follow their discussion here.

Bart Ehrman (author of ‘Misquoting Jesus‘, ‘God’s Problem‘ and other titles) and Tom Wright (author of ‘Evil and the Justice of God‘, ‘Suprised by Hope‘ and other titles) are both recognised scholars. Ehrman is currently an ‘agnostic’ and is open about his slow departure from the Christian faith. Wright is Bishop of Durham.

I look forward to following their contributions and interaction with one another.

8 replies on “Ehrman and Wright ‘blogalogue’”

Thanks for the link Dale – its an issue I’ve always struggled to sort for myself, so will read with interest. So far, sadly, most of it is over my head or off the topic, but early days.

Thanks Jack/Damian,
I think this kind of dialogue has the potential (which may or may not be realised in this case!) to be quite fruitful. Live debates are more energetic and entertaining, but this can lead to lack of focus and clarity. Also, live debates can be deceiving because one person/side can have a weaker position but be very skilled at debating.
Swapping turns writing books is possibly best, as it allows the person to fully flesh out their position, but this is a step in the right direction.
I know I’m biased, but I think we’re especially privileged to have Wright doing this. He’s in high demand as a speaker, and has an even more daunting writing career; his projected 5-volume series (Christian Origins and the Question of God – of which he’s finished 3) will be –is– of landmark status, not to mention his NT commentary series (written at a more popular level), and the regular topical/current-issue books… I’m on a Wright email list and many on there wish he would stop speaking (and blogging) and just finish the durn series!
OK, I’ll stop aggrandising… :D

Cheers John,

:D I’ve heard that Wright may be coming out to NZ sometime this year. If I meet him, I might explode, pass out or spontaneously combust… Kidding, I’m not really that obsessive – but close!
p.s. I’ve got a copy of the notes from the Aristotle: Teleology/Biology seminar for you if you’re interested…

I’ve got a copy of the notes from the Aristotle: Teleology/Biology seminar for you if you’re interested…

Yes please! Are they emailable?

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