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freeset bagFreeset is a Fair Trade certified business that manufactures jute bags in Calcutta, India. The bags are exported to countries all over the world, from the US and UK to Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia (taken from website).

Not only are these bags fair-trade and trendy looking, the whole point is that they are made by women who would otherwise be in the sextrade in Calcutta.

I’m proud to say that Kerry and Annie Hilton are supported in part by my church. Kerry gave a very challenging-yet-inspiring message a few months back.

Please check out and support this work!

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I love the Hilton’s, great down to earth people being the hands and feet. It used to be my job to help promote the work they were doing, I even did some designs for their jute bags….

Didn’t watch the video, but I know about them a bunch. I think this organistation is one of the greatest initiatives I’ve heard of in a long time. I’m pleased to say I own one of their bags.

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